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Fuel Your Golf Tank


You Are What You Eat by Betsy Smith, LPGA Teaching Professional

Do you run out of “gas” at the 15th hole and cannot wait to drag yourself into the 19th hole for rest and refreshment? Do you find your focus and concentration waivers in and out after the turn? Maybe the answer to these questions is poor nutrition and dietary habits before and during your round of golf. If you want to improve your golf game, start focusing on what you are putting into your tank!

While watching a professional tournament, have you noticed that the pros are constantly drinking water and “munching” on something! Remember that energy in (food) equals energy out (golf). Better performance and better nutrition go hand in hand.

Here are some tips that will “keep you in the game":

Before Your Round

  • Eat high protein, high fiber foods as well as complex carbohydrates.

  • Examples: chicken, seafood, lean red meats, eggs, beans, whole grains, low and nonfat dairy, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

During Your Round

  • Every hole, hydrate with water. Just a few sips will do!

  • Every third hole, grab a nutritious snack. No, not a beer and a candy bar but fruits, nuts, proteins bars and low-fat cheese stick will do!

  • At the turn, if needed, have a protein sandwich and bring it with you for the back nine.

After Your Round

  • Enjoy yourself!!!

Remember that good nutrition is vital not only for peak golf performance but for quality of life. Become more aware of what you eat and you will be happy to see better results both on and off the golf course.

This pro’s favorite on-course food is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!

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