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What is the difference between PGA and LPGA?

PGA stands for Professional Golf Association; LPGA stands for Ladies Professional Golf Association. PGA Professionals are members of the PGA of America and are made up of both men and women pursuing careers in the golf industry. The Ladies Professional Golf Association provides women opportunities in competitive golf, teaching and business. Both organizations promote the game of golf and work closely together in bringing more people to the game.

Is this a program just for women?

Yes – the Clinic day focuses on game improvement and relationship-building specifically for women, though men are not prohibited from participating. It is unlikely you will encounter a male participant.


Who is Suzy Whaley?
The first woman ever elected to serve as President of the PGA of America, Suzy Whaley is the PGA Director of Instruction at Suzy Whaley Golf in Cromwell, Connecticut. After serving two years as PGA Secretary, Whaley became the Association’s Vice President at the PGA Annual Meeting in November 2016. A dual PGA of America and LPGA Teaching & Club Professional member, Whaley was a LPGA Tour member in 1990 and 1993. She famously qualified and participated in the 2003 Greater Hartford Open, becoming the first woman since Babe Zaharias in 1945 to qualify for a PGA Tour event. Learn more at  


Who is Jane Blalock?
Jane Blalock is a former LPGA Tour champion who won 27 times and is perhaps best known for her record 299 consecutive tournaments played without missing a cut. She is a member of the Legends Hall of Fame. Today, Blalock is at the helm of two significant golf properties that have had a huge impact on advancing women in the game for the past two decades: PGA Golf Clinics for Women from MetLife and The Legends Tour, Official Senior Tour of the LPGA. Learn more at:


Will men be allowed to teach?

We cannot limit our teaching positions to females only, though the vast majority of applicants are female. Qualified members of the PGA of America and LPGA T&CP are invited to apply and hired based on their experiences in teaching and coaching women in particular. Our goal is to provide a relaxed, comfortable environment to foster learning and build confidence. We realize that many women prefer female instructors. You may see one or two talented men in the mix, but the teaching roster will be predominantly made up of excellent women.


Will I see PGA or LPGA Tour players at a Clinic?

The Clinics are led by PGA and LPGA Teaching Professionals, some of whom have played competitive golf in their careers. It is unlikely you will see a current PGA TOUR or LPGA Tour player at a PGA Golf Clinic for Women. A number of the Clinic sites are hosted by Blalock herself, who won 27 times on the LPGA Tour. You might also meet an LPGA Legends Tour player serving as host in Blalock’s stead. The Legends Tour is the official senior tour of the LPGA, showcasing the talents of former LPGA Tour stars age 45+.


Where are the Clinics held?

The Clinics are held in major markets across the U.S. See full schedule here.


What happens at a Clinic?
Clinic participants of all skill levels will learn about all aspects of social and business golf during an action-packed schedule that includes plenty of personalized instruction, on-course play and assessments from PGA Professionals/LPGA Club and Teaching Professionals, a keynote speaker, breakfast, lunch, a professional swing exhibition and a networking reception.


I’ve never played golf – is this really for me?

It’s likely the best way to jump start your game. You literally don’t have to know a thing about golf when you arrive, but by the end of the day, you’ll have a solid base to build on and more importantly, the confidence to keep at it.


I don't mean to brag, but I'm pretty good. How will this help my game?

First, that's awesome that you are awesome! We welcome intermediate to advanced players and pair them together so that means you won't have to wait while someone just learning tries to catch up. You'll spend the day with players just like you and PGA/LPGA certified teaching professional who knows how to take you to the next level. You'll also gain more insight into business golf and how to use your skills to your advantage. Finally, if you're already accustomed to playing golf with customers or clients, this is a great opportunity to spend the day with them and strengthen your relationships. Consider inviting them as a perk!


How many women attend a Clinic?

You’ll see 72-96 women at most Clinic sites.


What skill level is required? Do I need a handicap?

Some participants have never touched a club and some have played golf many times before. No handicap is required, but if you do have one, please share it when you register. We create groups based on skill level, so you’ll be matched with women of similar abilities and a PGA/LPGA certified teaching professional who is particularly good at working with your level. This way you can all learn and improve at the same pace - and have much to share by the end of the day!


What is a handicap?

A golf handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer's potential ability. In stroke play, it is used to calculate a net score from the number of strokes actually played during a competition, thus allowing players of different proficiency to play against each other on somewhat equal terms. For more on handicaps, visit


Do I have to have clubs? Golf shoes?

Golf clubs are provided by Callaway Golf for use at all fundamentals stations and out on the course. If you have your own clubs and prefer to use them, feel free to bring them. If you wear golf shoes, soft spikes are required. If you do not have golf shoes, sneakers are acceptable. A closed toe shoe is recommended. No dress shoes or heels.


Is the Clinic just basics or do we get to play on the course?

Both! Depending on your skill level, you’ll either start the morning session with the basics or start out on the course to assess your game. In basics, you will rotate through the three instructional stations made up of full swing, short game and putting. Golf fundamentals as well as individual needs will be addressed at each station. On the course, you will play a few holes with your PGA/LPGA Teaching Professional. The playing lesson will include course management skills, bunker play, approach shots and other situational shots. In the afternoon session, you’ll move to the course if you were in basics, or back to basics if you were on the course. This way, beginners can apply what they learned in the morning to on-course experiences and more advanced players can tweak their fundamentals for improvement after showing their teachers how they play.


Where do I sign up? How much does it cost?

You can purchase an individual spot and register at Single spots are $750 and include a full day’s instruction with a PGA/LPGA certified professional, gift bag, meals, professional swing exhibition, prizes and networking reception. Limit two playing spots available for individual purchase per person. To purchase playing spots for groups of four or more or to be a Clinic sponsor, please send a separate inquiry.


Can my company sponsor?

Yes! Encourage your company to take advantage of this turn-key program dedicated to the advancement of women. Companies can immediately enhance existing leadership initiatives with this 30-year proven national program for women, further developing female associates and key customers by fostering and strengthening new and existing relationships through learning and understanding the power of business golf. It’s all about access and face time, and our Clinic series provides plenty of both in a relaxed environment, outside the office or boardroom. Showing support for this program can also inspire a whole new regime of brand advocates in an intimate, uncluttered setting. Available activation opportunities range from $5,000 - $75,000 – send an inquiry today to receive more information.


How do I find the Clinics on social media?

Like us on Facebook and Follow Us on Instagram


Is there an app for this?

Yes! Search “PGA Golf Clinics” in the App Store or Google Play. The PGA Golf Clinics for Women App puts the full schedule, registration, golf tips, teacher directory and even our own social network right at your fingertips. Check out photos from past clinics, get connected to other women in golf and be part of our growing community - download the PGA Golf Clinics App today!


Why would I want to participate?

Business and golf have one big thing in common: relationships. People who play golf often tie it to business and people in business like to use the golf course for meetings now and then. Why be left out of the loop because you don’t understand or play the game? We all know men have been using the game for years to close deals and open new ones. Only recently have women been invited to join those conversations because more women are playing golf. We’ve found men are assuming less and less that women won’t care to join because it’s evident more women are in the game. You should be, too! You don’t have to be an expert, you don’t even have to be good – you just need a few solid fundamentals, some experience on a golf course and a basic understanding of the game’s etiquette. Armed with that, you will be a welcome participant in any company outing or client appointment on the golf course. And who knows, you might even grow to love playing like so many women before you… we’ve happily converted tens of thousands at PGA Golf Clinics for Women. You’re next!

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