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Sue Kaffenburgh

W. Yarmouth, MA

Bayberry Hills Golf Course

What do you think of when you play? How to make your Back Swing? How to look at the Finish? Your attention needs to be elsewhere!!! Striking the ball is about IMPACT. Do you know what alignments have to be present at this MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT OF YOUR GOLF MOTION? That's where I start...educating your hands and your body to KNOW and produce effective IMPACT. As a Teacher and Coach, I want your success to be a team approach of guided discoveries through mindful learning.

Sue Kaffenburgh
  • PGA Class A, Quarter Century and Life Member 
  • LPGA Class A and Life Member
  • GOLF DIGEST 2017 and 2018 #1 Teacher Cape and The Islands 
  • New England PGA Teacher of the Year 
  • Cape Cod PGA Teacher of the Year 
  • Northeast LPGA Teacher of the Year

My passion is Teaching...and Learning. I continue to seek out new ways of making golf easier for my students. Same old/ same old info is no longer effective. 30+ years of gathering new, cutting edge info and sharing!! Find me living on Cape Cod, loving nature, lobsters, chocolate and my cat!!!

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