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Seiko Matsumura

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Arroyo Trabuco GC

“Be your Own Best Coach!”
Creating harmony between the mind and body is necessary for finding happiness in life and, not surprisingly, golf is no different. Seiko Matsumura believes that balancing physical-technical skill and mental-emotional composure leads to peak performance. A clear mind leads to lower scores through improved focus and performance in all areas, from the short game to the full swing. Seiko delivers accessible lessons that lead to student independence and self-correction. She strongly believes that golf coaching should not only improve the player in the moment, but also be sustainable for subsequent practice and, most importantly, transferable to the golf course. Seiko focuses on the cause and effect, supervised practice, transfer training, and play model, where students see short-term results and long-term improvement. Her coaching leads to durable, sustainable swing methods and a positive mental-state. Students leave each lesson with an expectancy of improvement and the resources for advancement. By working with Seiko, you receive the enduring benefit of becoming your own best coach!

Seiko Matsumura
(213) 587-1434
  • PGA Class A Coach

  • U.S. Kids Certified Golf Instructor

Seiko began golfing at the age of 7 and played her first golf tournament at 9. As a junior, she won multiple events and received a scholarship to train at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy in Florida. In college, she joined the University of Southern California women’s golf team and enjoyed a competitive collegiate golf career. She graduated from USC with a BA in Psychology, and began her career in golf coaching. Seiko integrates her background in psychology and competitive golf to improve players’ physical and mental game. Seiko has worked with men and women of all ages and abilities. She fosters a supportive instructional environment aimed at helping students reach their goals! Seiko is a Member of the PGA and a U.S. Kids Certified Golf Instructor.

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