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Sara Doell

San Francisco, CA

I have a very holistic approach to coaching and teaching. I am not as technical of a teacher as most as coaching, short game practice, short game drills, pre shot routines and course management have become my passions as I have been a collegiate coach for 15 years.

I hope that every student walks away with at least 1 or 2 "nuggets" that they learned or experienced during our time together that they can use in their future golf experiences.

Sara Doell
  • LPGA Class A
  • 2015 LPGA Northeast Section Coach of the Year
  • 2015 LPGA National Coach of the Year
  • 2014, 2015, 2016 Big East Conference Women's Golf Coach of the Year

Sara Doell began her golf career as a junior golfer in upstate New York. She went on to play in many junior golf events and earned a golf scholarship to Penn State University. After college, she went on to become an assistant golf professional at Ballantyne C. C. in Charlotte, NC. After 5 years at BCC and earning her Class A certification, she shifted her career into college coaching when went back to State College, PA to be the assistant golf coach. She then gained unparalleled experience when tasked with the opportunity to start a Division I golf program at Seton Hall University in 2010. She coached that program to 3 straight conference championships which then led her to greater opportunities on the west coast. Currently working for the University of San Francisco, Sara is widely known for her passion, her energy, her commitment to the process and loves helping others become the best version of themselves. While pursuing a CLCC coach certification she is living out her dream of being both a college golf coach and a life coach.

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