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Penne Nieporte

Bayville, NY

Piping Rock Club

My teaching philosophy is simple, focus every lesson on centeredness of contact and go from there, always keeping in mind that the golf swing is an arc and then a circle. Building off of this allows me to keep instruction simple and to help each student feel they understand what they are working on and leaving the time spend with me as constructive, positive and invigorating to be excited for their next practice session or round of golf.

Penne Nieporte
  • Medalist qualifier for US Amateur in Met Section 1986

  • NY State Amateur Champion 1986

  • Long Island Match Play Champion 1986

  • Long Island Stroke Play Champion 1986

Scholarship athlete at Florida State University for 4 years.
Played 2 years of local, sectional, and national amateur events and turned pro after 1986 NY State Amateur Championship. Competed in Orlando mini tour events for 2 winters and decided the life was not for me, my focus was to be a mom. Had 3 children in 4 years, stayed home with them until the youngest went to school and then started my teaching career in 1997 at Piping Rock Club. I am still at Piping Rock, 26 years later, loving every day that I get to teach the great game of golf. It has been extremely fulfilling, and enriched my life in many ways. I help students of all levels, get hooked, get better, and enjoy the challenges of helping my students achieve their goals.

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