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Patricia Henry

Austin, TX

Rather than adopting a "cookie-cutter" approach to teaching, Patricia believes that each student's individual goals, preferred style of learning, and existing physical limitations should dictate the optimum learning path. Unfortunately, many methodology teachers do not take these personal factors into account, impeding a student's ability to make changes easily and quickly. With a customized approach, Patricia works with your body and normal tendencies — and not against you — resulting in a swing that does not place unnecessary strain on your body or produce unpleasant or painful positions. Working within your own capabilities will ensure that your swing is more natural and easier to repeat.

Patricia addresses the total golfer in her teaching, ensuring that every aspect of your individual game — physical, technical, mental, and emotional — is attended to. Her goal is to improve your swing and scores and also to increase your confidence level and enjoyment of the game.

Patricia Henry
(512) 577-8268
  • Class A LPGA Professional

Patricia Henry is a Ladies Professional Golf Association Teaching & Club Professional "Class A" certified instructor. She has played and enjoyed the game of golf for more than 50 years and has worked as a professional golf instructor since 1998. Patricia has dedicated herself to bringing greater enjoyment to numerous students with her innovative teaching methods. She exudes a passion for teaching and a love for the game of golf that translates into real improvement in her students' games.

A native Texan, Patricia was raised in Austin, Texas, and is a product of Austin's junior golf programs. Patricia graduated from Florida International University after attending Texas A&M University. She has competed extensively as a junior golfer and also on a collegiate level. In professional competition, Patricia won the 1999 United States Golf Teachers Cup Ladies Division and was the 1999 World Golf Teachers Cup Ladies Champion. She also competed on Houston's Gateway Developmental Tour and in several State Open Championships. Patricia now competes in the LPGA T&CP's National and Central Section Championships.

Patricia has served as an instructor in numerous local endeavors, including the Austin Junior Golf Academy, the First Tee of Greater Austin, the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Program, the Executive Women's Golf Association Clinics, the LPGA Crayola Kids Golf Clinic, and Ronald McDonald House Junior Golf Clinic.

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