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Nancy Taylor

Tampa, FL

My Philosophy of teaching golf is to get the students to know their swing tendencies so they can self correct on their own. I see what they can physically repeat.

Nancy Taylor
  • Played on LPGA Tour for 13 years
  • College coached at NCAA Level 1, 2, 3, for 9 years
  • LPGA Teaching Division 
  • Plane Truth Level one Instructor 
  • Legend Tour
  • Finished 2nd at the 1986 Tour School
  • Third 3rd low Rookie on LPGA Tour 1987
  • 1982 Public Links Champion 
  • 1983 Runner up Public Links Champion 
  • Played in 5 US Opens

I started playing golf when I was 16 years old my Dad was in the Air Force for 33 years. I played college golf at Arizona State University.

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