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Molly James

Windsor, CA

Windsor Golf Club

I love combining the fundamentals of the golf swing principals and applying them to them to each individual person I'm working with. Everyone is different and each lesson is unique!

Molly James
  • 25 year Class A member PGA and LPGA
  • Nominated LPGA Teacher of the Year 2002

Molly is a Class A member of the LPGA and PGA of America. Within a career that spans over 30 years she was nominated LPGA Teacher of the Year in 2002. She has coached a wide range of golfers during her career including: amateur men and women of all abilities, competitive junior golfers, and collegiate golfers. She has assisted at the Sonoma State University golf program and coached the women's golf team at Windsor High School and helped establish the award winning GEL Golf Program in Sonoma County. Molly competes regularly in PGA and LPGA club professional events and is an instructor for PGA and KPMG corporate clinics across the Nation.

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