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Lulu Huang

Walnut Creek, CA

NorCal Golf Academy

My teaching style emphasizes creating visuals to help build structure and feel in the golf swing, simplifying and breaking down concepts of the game to build foundational understanding, and building familiarity with your learning style to help get the most out of the experience. The mental game of golf is also a very valuable developmental space, and an element she incorporates into instruction.

Lulu Huang
  • PGA Associate 

  • TPI Level 1 and Golf 2 Certified

  • Masters in Applied Sport and Performance Psychology

Lulu has been playing golf for over 20 years. She had the experience to compete as a junior high schooler, and at the collegiate Division II level at CSU East Bay. She recently graduated from Holy Names University with a Master's in Applied Sport and Performance Psychology and had the opportunity to work as the Assistant Golf Coach for their women's golf team. Currently, she is a PGA Associate working through the program with prospects of becoming a PGA member. In the past few years, she has been able to develop applied instructional experience with various adults and juniors. She has fallen in love with the process of teaching golf and hopes to help everyone learn and grow to love this crazy game! Some personal background about Lulu; She has lived in the bay area her whole life and grew up primarily in the East Bay area! Both parents and older brother play golf, so it's a family affair.

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