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Kiran Kanwar, PhD.

Los Angeles, CA

Glen Ivy Golf Club

I have spent 25 years researching the golf swing, and 31 years teaching it, so that you, my student, get the best possible information from me, that will quickly help you with any type of game improvement that you desire.

Kiran Kanwar, PhD.
  • MS and PhD in kinesiology - I have studied every movement science to better understand how the human body moves and performs. My PhD research looked at movements that can improve performance and reduce injury risk, so once again you will benefit from all my knowledge and research
  • LPGA Master Professional
  • First place prize for TWU book-in-commons essay contest for   graduate students 
  • Chancellor’s Student Research Scholarship for “outstanding achievement in research” 
  • Phi Kappa Phi “Love of Learning” TWU Chapter student scholarship for   research 
  • By invitation member national Honor Society Phi Kappa Phi 
  • TWU Innovation Week. First Place Scholarship ($500)
  •  Logan STAR Award from Logan University Alumni Association ($500)

DIY (do-it-yourself) GOLF and Videos-

On full swing and short game 

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