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Kati Biszantz

Temecula, CA

Golf Club at Rancho CA

I’ve always employed the “kiss” method. I’ve never believed Golf needs a lot of complicated verbiage and confusing theories to be understood so I use easy to understand drills and analogies to either
other sports or something my student is familiar with. I do an interview process with every student and keep files on them. I need to know their goals and background before I can tailor a program for them. Most all students want consistency and, of course, the ladies would liketo hit it farther! So I show them how that can be accomplished and it is not as difficult as so many were lead to believe. We also work a lot on short game because if there is an error in the full swing, it will show up in all the short game shots. Like what I say to
them a “two-for-one“, you are learning a skill but it is also helping your full swing. And, you’re learning a valuable short game skill to help you score.

Kati Biszantz
(951) 775-5018
  • LPGA Professional since 1975 

  • Class A/Life Member 

  • Former LPGA Tour Pro & Mini Tour Player 

  • B.S. Degree in Physical Ed/Health, Wittenberg University 

  • 10 years on Staff at the Professional Golfer’s Career College (a training ground for future touring pros/club pros)

  • Top Pro status on both Thumbtack and mobile apps for the past two years

LPGA Western Section Teacher of the Year Golf Magazine Top Regional Instructor Listed in Who’s Who of Executive Women 1st female inducted into Sports Hall of Honor, Wittenberg U Sell Tour Edge golf equipment and previously with Adams Golf

I have been in the Golf Business since 1975 but actually was teaching way before that. I started my high school golf team, coached my college team, won numerous events as a junior and amateur, and I have taught at national golf schools throughout the country as well as Nike junior camps. I teach all levels and abilities – men, women, juniors. Before the housing market crash, I was averaging close to 100 people per week for eight months out of the year as I did mostly groups as I was a single mom so I needed to maximize my time.
And after all these years, it’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do.

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