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Karyn Dunphy

Las Vegas, NV

I was born to play and enjoy and to teach golf to anyone that wants to experience JOY from golf! I greet every student of mine exactly where they are with no judgment or expectations and be with them in a way that helps them understand how they work in order to experience better golf.

Karyn Dunphy
  • I qualified to join the LPGA Professionals Division in 1999 and was awarded Class A status in 2004. 
  • I am working towards achieving Master Professional status.
  • Voted Teacher of the Year 2009 by the LPGA Professionals Western Section

I'm a member of the Baby Boomer generation born and raised on Long Island, NY. A lifelong lover of the game of golf, I left the business world to follow my passion for teaching people how to play better golf. Since joining the LPGA, I've never had to go to work because teaching others to play well is pure joy.
I'm passionate about helping women level the playing field by becoming a good golfer and my new book for career women went to #1 on the Amazon Bestseller list: 'Make 'Em Beg to Play Golf With You!'


Make 'em Beg to Play Golf with You! by Karyn Dunphy

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