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Jean Platt Spencer

Cinnaminson, NJ

Mad Golfer Golf Club

Teaching golf is my passion and I want to share that passion and the love of the sport with all my students. Everyone comes to me from a different place, with varied golf backgrounds, goals and opportunities. The golf shots that someone makes are the result of cause and effect. My job, when a student comes o me, is to find the root cause of any difficulties they may have and work within their capabilities to change the effect they have on the shot to create a better result. Whether a student wants to play golf to compete, to be social, to exercise, or for business reasons, I want them to enjoy the game and feel confident when they step onto the golf course.

Jean Platt Spencer
  • LPGA Class A Professional

Teaching private and group lessons to all levels of golfer since 1981. I have given over 40,000 private lessons.
Owned and operated Somerton Springs Golf Schools from 1990 through 2001 when the facility sold. I had 5 other Professionals working for me and together we gave in excess of 5000 private and 500 group lessons per year.
I have taught in the PGA/LPGA Golf Clinics for Women since their inception in 1990.
Have had coverage of my programs from various newspapers at different times.
I have given stage presentations and mini lessons at various North Coast Golf Shows, as well as given free 10 minute mini lessons at those venues.

Have been an instructor at several LPGA Events, including the LPGA Golf Summit for Women and more recently at tournament Lesson Zones and Junior Clinics.

Scheduled and taught golf group classes for Bucks County Community College from 1986- 2010 and for YMCA's and various Corporate events from 1986-2000.

Have written several published golf articles.

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