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Jamie Zimron

Truckee, CA

Tahoe Donner

Like life, golf is a holistic experience, endeavor, and journey of enjoyment and ever-increasing self-mastery. I want my students to be empowered with self-awareness, body-mind connection, physical and mental fitness, and emotional intelligence. To understand and implement universal athletic principles of balance, stability, centered sequential motion, and lower-body power in their golf swing and game. Whether a person is playing for recreation, competition, or business purposes, I always seek to help my students play, work, and be their best!

Jamie Zimron
  • LPGA Teaching Professional / Class A since 2006

  • 6th Degree Aikido Black Belt

  • Stanford University, Phi Beta Kappa Graduate

  • Masters Degree Clinical Psychology

  • California Marriage Family Therapist MFT

  • Vistage International and The Executive Committee Canada Corporate Speaker-Trainer

  • Many Bodywork / Healing Certifications

  • BLISS Fitness Trainer (Balance Lengthen Integrate Stretch Strengthen)

  • Creator of KiAi Golf and The Centered Way

  • Board Member: Aiki Extensions

  • Co-Founder: Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors, Training Across Borders, Middle East Aikido Peace Project, Aikido Solstice Seminars, Israel Women's Martial Arts Federation, PeaceCamp Initiative

  • Founder: EveryBusinessWoman Golf

  • Founding Board Member: Marilynn Smith & Founders Legacy Foundation

  • LPGA Girls Golf: Former Site Co-Founder & Co-Director

  • Staff Facilitator, The Institute for Personal Change

  • 2009, 2013, 2017) Senior Women's Gold Medalist International Jewish Olympics

  • 2012 Inaugural Hall of Fame Member, Women Martial Arts Instructors

  • 2016 Award of Excellence, National Women's Martial Arts Federation

  • 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award, Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists

  • Numerous Peacemaker Awards

Jamie Leno Zimron is a Class A LPGA Teaching Professional, 6th Degree Aikido Black Belt, Somatic Psychologist, Corporate Speaker, Mind-Body Fitness Trainer, and international Citizen’s Diplomat. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Stanford University, Jamie was a junior golf champion and has become a ‘Ladies Masters’ gold medal and senior pro tournament winner. She has been a Vistage International Corporate Speaker-Trainer since 2010, where she helped establish the Golf Network for CEOs. She is the creator of KiAi Golf and The Centered Way, and continues to pioneer integrative body-mind trainings for peak performance on the playing fields of life: business, family, health, sports – and of course the golf course.

Jamie Sensei (Master Teacher) founded the Aikido Arts Center of San Francisco; helped introduce Aikido into the ex-Soviet Union, Israel, Palestine and Ethiopia; ran university Aikido programs; and co-founded the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors and Middle East Aikido Peace Project. She conducted a busy psychotherapy practice in San Francisco, and continues to work with The Institute for Personal Change as a staff consultant and group facilitator.

Known as “The Golf Sensei,” Jamie brings a rare combination of knowledge, insight and creativity to personal and professional growth, and to learning itself. She is an all-round exceptional athlete and instructor, acclaimed worldwide for her dynamic ability to guide people to newfound well-being and success, both on and off the golf course.

Says Jamie: "We can all reach so much more of our golf, and human, potential!!"

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