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Emily Burns

Wheaton, IL

Cantigny Youth Links

My approach to golf is to be as simple and FUN as possible. I specialize in teaching the beginner player and start with basic fundamentals. I try to keep it real and light!
With the bulk of my students’ juniors ages 4-12, many times I am the first to talk and share golf with the kids. The pressure is REAL! Not only are you teaching these golfers the game, you are teaching life skills and lessons, friendships and more. Providing fundamentals along with the best positive experience will allow for a healthy future with the game that can be carried throughout their entire life. Keep it FUN!

Emily Burns
  • I am a LPGA Class A member

  • I am a Master US Kids Junior Golf Instructor

  • I have been in the golf Industry for my entire working career

  • Top 50 Nationwide Junior Instructor, 3 years from US Kids Golf 

  • 2022 LPGA Junior Golf Midwest Award

I reside in Batavia, Il with my three children Taylor, Ella, Jack and husband Dave, who is also in the golf industry as a Director of Golf at Geneva Golf Club. Together we enjoy traveling, boating, beaches and yes, we play golf!

Products & Extras

After over 15 years as a Head Golf Professional, developing programs for Juniors and teaching thousands, I have additionally developed and started Squishtees. Squishtees was started and developed out of need. I researched different training aids and equipment, specifically for juniors to find little out there in the lines of golf tees (at least not any designed for the kids, OR golfers who wanted to have FUN!). With the students as my testing pool, I daily would bring in protoypes of different figures and items for them to try and use- it wasn’t long before people were asking where to purchase them- and since nobody else made them, I Patented and Trademarked them and the rest is History!

Squishtees come in all sizes and shapes- they are soft and squishie- and fun to look at, hold and use. Providing juniors with Squishtees has been amazing. Not only do kids love them, but adults do also too!


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