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Elena King

Aurora, CO

CommonGround Golf Course

ExperienceGolf® is on a mission to offer YOU the best golfing experience. We do this by providing a coaching environment that combines mechanics (skill) with performance elements that include the mental, emotional and physical aspects of performance. We support golfers to discover their best golfing state to achieve lower scores and more enjoyment of the game.

Elena King
  • LPGA Class A
  • Certified and Educated in: Titleist, FlightScope, Blast, BodiTrack, TPI Level 1, VISION54, Stack and Tilt
  • LPGA Top 50 Teachers
  • Golf Digest Best in State
  • LPGA Central Section Teacher of the Year

Since founding ExperienceGolf in 2008, Elena has been recognized as one of Colorado's elite golf professionals. Her dedication and success empowering her students to perform at their personal best has earned her some of the sports' most prestigious awards. Elena grew up in Moline, IL and graduated from the University of Iowa. Go Hawks!

Featured on the Colorado Avid Golfer website:


Develop and deliver outreach programs for the Colorado Golf Association

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