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Diane Thomason

Coralville, IA

Finkbine GC

I want each student to learn golf fundamentals in a way that is fun, positive and rewarding. I want them to be able to enjoy playing the game no matter what their skill level. Golf is a lifetime sport that can be played at any age and it is a useful tool for all women. My philosophy is to keep it simple and positive when teaching mechanics and course management. Every individual is different, so I must be able to adapt to each player I am working with.

Diane Thomason
  • LPGA Class A Life member
  • LPGA Golf Coach of the Year
  • National Golf Coaches Association Golf Coach of the Year
  • Hall of Fame
  • University of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame
  • Big Ten Coach of the Year
  • USA National Golf Team Coach

Taught and coached golf at the University of Iowa for 27 years. Coached our USA National golf team for 30 years, winning the golf medal at the 2017 World Games and 8 World Golf Championships. Currently teaching golf and fundraising for University of Iowa athletics.

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