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Coach Shayain

Vancouver, BC

Coach Shayain
  • LPGA Class A

  • Double Masters Degree from University of Central Florida

  • Western Section Treasurer

  • Board Member of Pacific Northwest Golf Association

  • Board Member of Golf, Accessible for all Committee

  • Started the First Tee Program in Canada

Shayain is a golf teaching professional from Vancouver, Canada who has received her dual Masters degree at the University of Central Florida in Business and Sports/Entertainment Management. She started the inaugural First Tee Program with Golf Canada with her main focus on youth development within underrepresented communities within British Columbia.

In the past 12 years she has worked at a high level for professional sports teams in London, Spain, USA and Canada. During her tenure in the corporate world Shayain was able to leverage her skills in golf to help fast track her career. Her passion now lies in helping women do the same. Shayain has her own Youtube Channel with more than 7.5K subscribers under her ¨Coach Shayain¨ brand where she welcomes all to learn the game. Youtube has been a great way for Coach Shayain to reach a global audience with an emphasis in helping build confidence to the beginner golfer.

Check out my YouTube Channel:

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