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Cindy Miller

Silver Creek, NY

Cindy Miller, Inc.

My mission is to make my students comfortable, give them clear communication that helps them learn to play more confidently, and thus become more consistent.

Cindy Miller
  • Former LPGA Tour Player

  • Current member of The Legends Tour of the LPGA

  • LPGA Class A Professional

  • I am a Certified Behavior, Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence Professional 

  • Certified Mental and Golf Psych Professional

  • LPGA National Teacher of the Year 2010

  • Top 50 LPGA Teacher in the World

  • Top 50 US Kids Master Teacher

From a college walk-on to All American, Cindy Miller is the ultimate under dog who has achieved things no one thought were possible. She has been told, "Your Not Good Enough" most of her life. This has turned out to be a blessing that has motivated her. She is passionate about helping others unlock and reach their potential in business, sport, and life.

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