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Casey Hall

Stanford, CA

Stanford Golf Course

The key ingredient to every lesson is engagement. By asking questions, actively listening and being completely present, we learn what that student wants to achieve during the lesson and how that transfers to their overall experience with the game.

I believe you must be endlessly patient and creative in your teaching, finding many different ways to convey your message in order for that student to truly learn the skill. By taking those things, along with the knowledge of fundamental core movement and an emphasis on playful learning, you can tailor the lesson to each individual player and create lasting, effective change.

Casey Hall
  • LPGA Class A Professional

Casey is a LPGA Class A Professional and has been teaching and coaching golf in the Bay Area for almost 20 years. Since joining the Stanford University professional staff in 2011, Casey has been involved in a number of programs that emphasize getting more women and juniors engaged in the game of golf. This includes designing and managing long term development programs for competitive juniors, as well as running an annual 10 week program for women in the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In 2017, she created, launched and became the official Site Director for the first ever LPGA*USGA Girls Golf program at Stanford.

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