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Carole Clark

North Fort Meyers, FL

The Club at Grandezza

My goal is to help the student achieve their most productive swing with understanding of ball flight and fundamentals for effective ball striking.

Carole Clark
(828) 280-4653
  • LPGA T&CP Class A
  • U.S. Kids Certified Instructor
  • Opti International Brain Training Certification
  • Sarah Hunter Junior Achievement Award-2006

Improving as a golfer requires the knowledge of an eXpert who understands YOUR swing and empowers you through effective communication to be your own best coach.

As an eXpert of Student Centered Teaching, Carole Clark’s students come first; their desires, their dreams, their goals. Developing a consistent pattern of movements in harmony with the whole person, considering strengths, weaknesses, abilities and, often times, disabilities, are areas in which Carole eXcells as an instructor. ALL levels of players appreciate the passion and compassion that Carole brings to every lesson, with every student, every day.

Carole Clark has been a golf professional since 1993 and member of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional membership since 1999. She attained her Class A status in 2004. She was honored to be named the 2019 LPGA Golf Professional of the Year. Carole currently calls the Fort Myers, Florida area her home where she teaches at The Club at Grandezza. She also teaches in Cape Coral, Florida on a limited availability near the Hunter's Run Golf Course.

The training a student receives from Carole covers every aspect of the game, from putting to short game, full swing and course management, tournament preparation to mental strategies, even fitness, sports nutrition, and brain training.

Carole has been successfully teaching junior golfers since the beginning of her career. She was the recipient of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Southeast Section Sarah Hunter Junior Achievement Award in 2006. She is also a U.S. Kids Certified Golf Instructor and was recognized as an Honorable Mention Top 50 U.S. Kids Instructor in 2012. Many of her young linksters have developed into golf professionals themselves, have attended college on scholarship, or played on their high school or middle school team. Others have kept the love of the game as a part of their social activities or professional career outside of golf.

Carole Clark has continued to provide a family friendly environment that offers professionally run programs and helpful, friendly service to meet the needs of the customer. She strives to grow the game of golf and encourage families to play together

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