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Beverly Miller

Hillsboro, MO

Four Seasons Country Club

Beverly Miller
  • Top 50 LPGA instructor

  • First Female PGA Gateway section Head Professional.

  • 60th PGA Female Head Golf Professional in the world.

  • Played tour golf for a short while. Four children, remember.

  • LPGA Midwest Section President for over 14 years.

  • LPGA Executive Board for 14 years.

  • LPGA Midwest Section Professional of the year.

  • LPGA Goldie Bateson Service award winner.

  • PGA appreciation award for service.

  • Best ever were my children telling me they love me so much.

Teaching for 40 years has been a great pleasure. Nothing better on the golf course than seeing the student with the different looks of satisfaction. I am currently teaching at 4 Seasons Country Club in Chesterfield Missouri. I have been there for four years and have always wanted to teach golf on the golf course. Being able to let the student use the knowledge I have given them, and transfer to a golf swing that they never knew was possible. Golf can be very frustrating for a beginning and seasoned golfer, because they don’t take or get good instruction from their instructor. Learning how to apply what the instructor is asking them to do is very much a part of teaching. If a student doesn’t feel comfortable or doesn’t understand what the person is telling them, I feel it is up to the instructor to be able to teach in a way that the student understands. I have watched so many golfers who come to me, not know the basics of the swing, stance, posture, equipment, how to practice, how to learn to enjoy the game. I teach because I was a beginning golfer with an enormous amount of athletic ability and had only one lesson when the teacher took me to a golf course to play. When I had a bad shot, I asked why and that teacher could not answer my questions. Then I knew I had to find a way to learn to play a great game with little information. I was self taught and was off to college in the fall. University of Missouri, Columbia was
the college I chose to attend. I loved every sport and it was fun becoming fluent at each sport.

My first sport in college was volleyball. I was playing varsity volleyball as a freshman. During one of our practice sessions I was called to the deans office. Thought I was in trouble but had no clue as to why. When I walked over to the deans office and sat down, there were two women in the room. Wow I thought I was going to be blown out of the water. The dean started with: Beverly you are here because we are putting you on the Varsity Girls Golf team division one. I explained that I didn’t really play any golf.
The dean asked me if I had golf in high school. I said, yes I did. She stopped me there and said the team needed me. Of course I was always ready to help with anything.

My first match was one day after a tornado hit Columbia. The course had downed trees everywhere. Now remember, I had only played one game in high school. I didn’t know the rules I said. The dean gave me a rules book and said learn the rules. The dean forgot to tell me what to do when a humongous oak tree lay across the fairway. The were fallen trees everywhere. I finished my round, fell in love with the game and a man I was dating. We married after my freshman year and had four children. I left college after my freshman year and went back to St. Louis to raise our children. After 15 years I was asked to teach my girlfriends how to play golf. We went to the beach where we all lived and I taught them how to putt and swing a seven iron. These friends went to a local course the very next day and played nine holes. We got together, they were all very excited about the results. I asked how they did. They said really good. We shot the best rounds that we have ever played. I asked how they felt about all the other clubs they replied that they only took a seven iron and their putter. I said what? They replied: well that’s all we learned with. They eagerly told me that they shot on average, 15 fifteen strokes better than they had ever played. I knew then that I wanted to teach people how to play golf.

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