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Alicia Dibos

Greenwich, CT

Winged Foot GC

In my own words, without being too analytical, the golf swing should be easy if we allow our body to respond naturally and to repeat Basic Principles allowing the big muscles to take control of the fluidity of the swing.

For me, posture is the most important. It should feel solid, grounded and athletic in order to maintain a perfect Balance throughout the swing. Perfect balance equals good shots! It is the result of a good posture and weight distribution. A good posture should create an angle from the waist that will allow the arms to hang naturally - away from the body. This is the natural position of the arms and hands where we should hold the club. I believe in the power of the extension of the arms in your set up, at impact, and through the target line for direction. I teach a “One Piece Take Away.” The club, and the triangle created with the arms are moved by the shoulders in one motion. It takes full advantage of the extension of the arms. It promotes width of arc of the swing and the explosion of power that comes when your arms are fully extended at impact.

“Extension with no tension!” Some of you may understand these words!

The grip is crucial, too. It controls the correct hinge of the wrists and, most important, it controls the club face position at impact. It should be loose without losing control of the club throughout the swing.

The lower body starts the downswing!

Once we get to the top of the backswing, there’s a crucial moment called “transition.” The transition is a smooth lateral move of the lower body towards the target. It changes the direction of the club, from the backswing into the downswing. This first move to the left side of the lower body, towards the target, is the key to keep the club on plane and in the correct swing path.

In many cases people rush this crucial moment. They bring the club down, rushing it with the hands, before allowing their lower body to shift their weight properly onto the left side or towards the target.

My theory is very simple: Starting with a good set up, the upper body initiates your backswing, and your lower body initiates your downswing to a full and balanced finish.

Last, but not least, is the importance of timing. I believe that timing is the key to repeat, in a synchronized way, your own motion. You don’t have to have the perfect motion, but timing will make any swing as effective and efficient as possible.

Alicia Dibos
  • Class A LPGA Professional

My name is Alicia Dibos. I come from Peru, where Cuzco and Machu Picchu are found. It is the home of the Incas and, I am proud to say, is one of the official Seven Wonders of the World! I grew up in Lima and left my family there in 1989 to pursue my career as a professional golfer.

I first played the European Tour and the Asian Tour between 1990 and 1992. Those three years gave me the taste of competitive golf, the experience of traveling and being on the road, and the desire to reach for the best.

The LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) was, and still is, the best professional women's tour in the world. I knew I had to go to the USA and go through the famous “LPGA Q-School” to play with the best players in the world. In 1992, I took my chance and made it on my first attempt. WOW! What a life changer! I enjoyed every single day playing on the LPGA and I am so proud to be a member of that great association.

I wanted to follow up my playing career by teaching golf, so in 1997, I became a member of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Division. I developed a passion for teaching golf and studying the golf swing (a process that never stops) and knew I could help players of any level become better golfers.

In 2001, I received the most incredible phone call while I was enjoying Christmas with my family in Peru and having a break from the Tour. It was Mr. Tom Nieporte, Head Professional of the great Winged Foot Golf Club. He asked me to become one of his Assistants Pro’s. The answer took me just one second…. “Yes!” without any hesitation. So, the next season, instead of going on Tour again, I went to teach golf at Winged Foot without any regrets. I’ve been at Winged Foot since 2002, started as an Assistant Professional and was appointed the Director of Instruction in 2010. What a great golf club! Two superb golf courses and a wonderful membership. It has been a life-changer as well!

Besides seeing the world, competing against the best, and meeting people from all cultures and walks of life, the most important and highest accomplishment in my personal life came in 2004. I became a US Citizen. I am very proud to be an American Citizen and so thankful to the USA for all of the great opportunities it has given me to achieve my goals and dreams.

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