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Adrienne Hogan

Marlton, NJ

I am a firm believer in the “keep it simple” approach. My entire teaching philosophy is based in simple and direct communication. I don’t overload the student with information…”too much information is dangerous.” Learning the student’s goals and abilities help me, along with the student, create a customized lesson plan. I am a hands on teacher and use drills to engrain feelings and concentrate on the motion of the swing more than the mechanics of the swing. I try to create a positive and comfortable atmosphere on the lesson tee with simple swing thoughts that can be used during practice and on the golf course. For some people a clinic or private lesson may be their introduction to this great game, my hope is to make that first impression a positive and enjoyable one.

Adrienne Hogan
  • PGA Class A Professional

My mother owned a Dancing School, I grew up singing and dancing, wanting to be a start. After that didn't pan out (big surprise) at age 24 I started playing golf. I fell in love with the game and thought about making it a career. Since I taught dance for many years and trained people in sales, I asked about becoming a PGA Professional. And the rest is History. Teaching this great game is what I am supposed to do!!!

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