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Becca Carey

Houston, TX

Golf Galaxy

The basic fundamentals of the golf setup, grip, alignment, posture and how to rotate while maintaining your spine tilt. I help the student understand that in the swing, the big muscles move the little muscles, the arms. The arms swing as a result of turning and tilting while transferring weight, trail side to lead side. It is important to get target oriented even as a beginner golfer. I want the student to have an understanding of causes and effects in the swing and how tot correct them. I want the student to be able to enjoy the wonderful game of golf.

Becca Carey
  • LPGA Class A

  • Callaway Master Club Fitter

  • U S Kids Certified Coach

  • TPI Level 1 Certification

  • U S Kids Top 100 Instructors, 2007 & 2009

I grew up playing golf in Beaumont, TX. I was influenced by father and my mother. Babe Zaharias was my hero, one of the founding members of the LPGA. I got in the golf industry in 1995 and became a Class A member in 2007. I was a teaching professional in Palm Springs, CA from 1997 to 2011. I am currently a Teaching Professional with Golf Galaxy in Houston, TX. I am the head girls golf coach for The Kinkaid School in Houston, TX. I had two senior girl golfers in 2022 commit to golf scholarships at Texas A & M University and William and Mary.

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